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eGift cards are a great way for merchants to offer their valued customers an alternative way to send gifts. Empowering shoppers to give and redeem gift cards helps stores to increase revenue, acquire new consumers, and obtain additional brand recognition.

Prime App Features

Trusted Brands
e-gift cards:

Select via category or search by occasion to access hundreds of e-gift cards from brands you trust.

Save more on

Take advantage of discounted and promotional e-gift cards and save.

Secure Payment:

Pay via Mobile money or your bank card

Change the way
you give:

Don’t know what to buy for a friend on their special day? Send them e-gift card to buy what they want.

Merchant Prime Dashboard Features

Intuitive & Innovative:

Out state of the art dashboard give you the ability to instantly create your company e-gift card and publish


Edit any of our preloaded card templates, or upload your own custom design

control panel
Link Bank:

With one click transfer funds into your linked bank account


Instantly share your cards on social media platforms and what sup

Prime in-app

Promote your special discounted/promotional e-gift cards on the Prime app

Redeem sales:

Redeem sales with your intuitive merchant app.The money shows on your dashboard


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Account Management

Your account management team is your day-to-day resource for project planning and management. Whatever you need from us, your account manager is your go-to point of contact.

Customer Service

We want to help you, and we also want to help your clients’ e-gift card recipients.We offer customer support 24/7/365.