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Branded E-Gift cards

Branded E-Gift cards are more than a great gift idea. They’re powerful business tools that can help your company grow and increase your audience’s engagement with your brand.

  • Increase new customer acquisition
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Increase sales with promotions


Help businesses in your local area and network to increase their revenue. e-Gift cards continue to grow in popularity, and Prime Gift Card offers a convenient way to purchase.


Digital gift cards accounted for nearly 20% of holiday gift card sales in 2020 46% of consumers are likely to purchase a digital gift card in the next six months.


Offering an eGift via Prime Gift Card platform gives you 15% - 25% extra in sales revenue, with Special occasions and holidays representing 4.3% increase in total annual sales.

The Benefits:

Instant Sale

Today’s shoppers are always busy and want gifts on-the-go. We also know that they love supporting local businesses. Prime Gift Cards gives business owners a platform to create, sell and market their own branded eGift cards, as well as track transactions in real-time!



Here’s where your business has access to all the tools you’ll need to create, sell, track and promote your eGift cards.

Securely transfer funds Our Merchant Solutions offer secure ways to move funds from your Prime Business Wallet to your bank account.

Merchant App

Download the Prime Merchant app to quickly scan & redeem gift cards with the QR Code Scanner and see how your business is doing on-the-go. Also have access to all of your sales activity on your Prime Merchant App.




Prime eGift card platform helps increase customer loyalty and engagement. Our dashboard marketing tool allows you to directly connect with e-gift card holders with special offers and promotions to inspire consumers to take specific actions.

Promote Sale on your website.
Launch a digital gifting solution on your website without complex integrations, Copy and paste Prime widget URL and paste on your website to promote sales.

Sell Directly on Facebook and Instagram
Get social by letting Prime gift power your eGift cards on Facebook. Promote your cards to fans & their networks to increase awareness and to maximize your gift card selling potential!

Gift Card Fundraisers

Support local organizations and sell eGift cards at the same time. Set up a custom fundraising campaign in minutes and watch the progress as you reach your goals. Give back to your community!


Your Signage Kit

Every Prime gift merchant receives a signage kit. It includes everything you’ll need to promote Prime inside and outside your business. Let everyone know that your gift cards are now digital!


What can we help you

Drive revenue with our e-gift card solutions Our e-gift card solutions can be a powerful way to extend your brand’s reach and increase customer loyalty. That’s why we have dedicated to developing fresh, original ways for you to expand your omni-channel strategy. Whether you’re a merchant, retailer, or digital reseller, we have all the tools to help you drive revenue with a e-gift card program.